As a result of its constant research into aesthetically inclined and functional objects, IMPERIA GROUP LLC announces the launch of the sub brand IA_HOME with a focus on elevating living spaces with exceptional design and craftsmanship.


IA_HOME presents its debut furniture collection, SURFACES VOL I, featuring an eclectic trio consisting of a bench, lounge chair, and coffee table - a testament to the multidisciplinary vision that drives IMPERIA design. Each art-deco inspired piece represents the artistic spirit and the sacrifice of comfort in pursuit of expression.


"IA_HOME represents our exploration into new horizons and a natural extension of IMPERIA's commitment to experience," said Anthony Konkov, designer and founder.
"With SURFACES, we aim to create objects that transcend traditional boundaries, they are supposed to feel cold and heavy - that’s discipline.”

The collection features bold and symmetrical forms, more reminiscent of sculptural pieces rather than usual furnishings that one would expect from fashion designers. 


Crafted from glass fiber reinforced concrete and accented with Italian Carrara marble - the lounge chair features a powder-washed suede cushion, custom molded as an insert.

 “The goal is to push boundaries forward and explore a new medium - to bring unconventionality and make it living artwork.” said Sara Kinskey, interior designer who collaborated with Konkov at their Atlanta studio. From initial conceptualization to material finishing, both designers’ influence from their respective worlds is imprinted on the displayed works.

Taking influence from brutalist architecture and bauhaus principles, the unembellished material choice represents an unorthodox approach - with most items ranging from three to four elements such as concrete, marble and glass. 



“The use of space to create the niche in the coffee table felt natural - we wanted to keep it real. It’s not about what looks good just visually, but also what feels good” said Kinskey. The combination of organic shapes and harsh geometric lines gives the SURFACES collection a unique enduring aesthetic, making it essentially timeless.




Not only is the ethos of IMPERIA couture evident in SURFACES, but the planning and execution mimics the creation of a high fashion garment; the inset seam around the marble accents to the delicate laser engraved branding equates to the detail oriented finishes on IMPERIA label products.



The IA_HOME sub brand and SURFACES VOL I collection from IMPERIA are poised to captivate design enthusiasts, interior designers, and tastemakers seeking to curate spaces that epitomize human focused design and expression without boundaries. 

For sales information, please visit IMPERIA.STORE/HOME or contact SALES@IMPERIA.STORE