IMPERIA is an avant-garde luxury fashion house and design studio founded in 2017 by Anthony Konkov and Sara Kinskey. The Atlanta based brand focuses on elevating the human condition through experiential design and breaking the limitations of expression using a variety of mediums. IMPERIA does not adapt to the traditional seasonality of fashion and releases limited capsule collections which include ready-to-wear garments, leather goods and travel accessories.


Inspired by the relationship between design and community, IMPERIA seeks to challenge a progressive cultural shift around the possibilities of human focused design in worldwide applications.




With a foundation of design principles rooted in intertwining function and form, IMPERIA sets out to transform every release into a unique experience that seeks to harmonize with the audience and surrounding environment. With an emphasis on longevity and timelessness, IMPERIA’s releases utilize the finest materials and technological processes to reduce ecological footprint. 

The studio continues to explore development possibilities regarding biodegradability, the use of non-toxic materials and sourcing recycled rather than virgin materials.


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As IMPERIA continues to develop its brand identity and grow with the ever-expanding fanbase, the studio broadens their level of investment in the local community from a micro to macro level. 


Organizations that the studio proudly supports: