At IMPERIA, we recognize our responsibility to take action towards a more sustainable future. As a luxury design studio, we understand the importance of preserving the environment and the social responsibility we have towards the communities we serve. We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment and implementing ethical practices throughout our operations.

Our approach to sustainability is based on three pillars: reducing our carbon footprint, promoting ethical labor practices, and preserving natural resources. We strive to make sustainable choices at every stage of our production process and work towards achieving our sustainability goals through continuous improvement, experimentation and evolution. To maintain full transparency, this page will be updated accordingly. 


In an effort to reach carbon neutrality of our operations, IMPERIA products are manufactured from sustainable materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester and upcycled leather. Our operations are focused on reducing our energy consumption by optimizing our production process and using energy-efficient equipment (solar energy and wind power). IMPERIA products also utilize organic leather tanning methods that are free of heavy metals such as aluminum, titanium and zirconium.

IMPERIA is dedicated to reducing the use of excessive packaging materials and creating products that are designed to be repairable rather than disposable.

In an effort to enhance waste management practices and reduce carbon emissions, IMPERIA products part of the IA_ECO program can be returned for in-store credit. 



We believe in fair treatment of workers and are committed to promoting ethical labor practices in our supply chain. We work with suppliers who share our values and follow ethical labor practices. We have implemented a code of conduct that sets out minimum standards for our suppliers, which includes fair wages, safe working conditions, and no child labor. 

IMPERIA maintains transparency by conducting ongoing supply chain audits that help identify opportunities for improvement such as assessing sub-contractors and raw material suppliers. The brand continues to invest in the development of human resources by providing training and development opportunities that promote well-being and personal growth. 


IMPERIA pledges to assist in the preservation of natural resources worldwide. We encourage our customers to care for their garments and consider the longevity of their purchases. We provide information on garment care to ensure our customers can keep their products in excellent condition, reducing the need for disposal or replacement.

At IMPERIA, we believe in supporting climate forward organizations and initiatives. We are committed to partnering with organizations that are making a positive impact and actively work towards a sustainable future. Below are some of the organizations we are proud to support:

  • THE NATURE CONSERVANCY - This organization works towards the protection of natural resources and the preservation of biodiversity worldwide.

  • WORLD WILDLIFE FUND (WWF) - This organization works towards the conservation of endangered species and the protection of their habitats. 

  • RAINFOREST ALLIANCE - This organization works towards the conservation of forests and the preservation of biodiversity.